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After a long illness I have travelled to Switzerland. I have taken some new photographs.

I have been ill and not able to update the site as much as I would have liked I am planning some trips to Switzerland to put this right I have added some new pics in several areas to get started.
There is an archive section available bringing a series of photos dating from the 80's up to date, inclding some of the liveries of the SBB 460s plus other operators.
Check out new stock and liverires on the MOB.

New TPC livery is now appearing on all TP?C vehicles when they go through service. The easest place to see them is at the rebuilt terminus at the rear of Aigle SBB station.

Re-painted AL BDeh 4/4 312 TPC is the largest initials on the vehicle apart from AL in the numbering system no other reference is made to the former operater. Will other stock follow?

New and old liveries on two driving trailers.

We are adding a new modelling section, as a new part is added, we will show pictures during construction. It will be a HO scale layout using Bemo HOm rolling stock, based on MOB and SBB Brunig lines.