Montreux Oberland Bernois - MOB
The MOB runs from Montreux to Zweisimmen where it makes a reversal to Lenk.

New Golden Pass coaches seen here in Zweisimmen, Sept 2012

Another new livery, all stock carries the Golden Pass logo

An older coach arrying advertising livery

GDe4/4 6006 (ex GFM) now with '' logo

New centre door stock with BLS and MOB, new Dual gauge for through service to Luzern??

one of the colorful vans on the MOB 'Fanta'

new livery on MOB stock

Newly acquired Gde6005 (ex GFM) now painted with "Golden pass" in a gold colour seen here in Montreux with Classic Panoramic stock

One of the beautifully restored mountain pullmans

Track maintenance loco Tm2/2 7, aligning overhead wires at Saanenmoser.

This a rare picture it is Dze6/6 2001 pulling the 'Panoramic Express' from Zweisimmen to Lenk, seen here at Lenk station.

This picture was painted on the wall above what was the MOB booking office at Montreux station on the platform between the SBB lines and the MOB lines.

Ge 4/4 8002 'Golden Pass' at Montreux

Ge 4/4 8001 'Gstaad'

Be 2/6 7002 (1997) Modern local service unit

ABDe 8/8 In service since 1968 at Montreux.

GDe 4/4 6004 with a 'Panoramic Express'