Transports Publics du Chablais – TPC
This is made up of 4 narrow gauge railways operated together under general management. Since January 2000 they have merged into the TPC. Three of the companies operate trains from a separate station next to SBB main line at Aigle. The Aigle-Leysin (AL) runs from Aigle to Leysin-Grand-Hôtel and has some rack parts. The Aigle-Ollon-Monthey-Champery (AOMC) operates trains on two sections: Aigle-Monthey and Monthey-Champéry. There are some rack sections. The Aigle-Sepey-Diablerets (ASD) operates between Aigle and Les Diablerets, with reversing in Le Sépey. This line has no rack sections. The Bex-Villars-Bretaye (BVB) operates between Bex and Villars reversing here for the Col de Brétaye.
The AL, AOMC and the ASD connect to the SBB/CFF/FFS in Aigle, the AOMC also at St. Triphon and Monthey. The BVB connects to the SBB/CFF/FFS in Bex the trains operate in the street outside the staion. In 2008, after opening of the new narrow-gauge platforms in Aigle and the new depot, it was decided to change the voltage on the AOMC line from 900 to 1500V DC. Some AOMC trainsets will be adapted while older ones will be withdrawn.

The station has been completely rebuilt at Aigle, all lines now have platforms whereas before the A-L was in the road.

seen here from left to right SBB mainline Geneve to Brig, Aigle Ollon Monthey Champery (AOMC), Aigle Sepey Diablerets (ASD), Aigle Leysin (AL), all with purpose built platforms.

A colourful advertising livery Driving trailer and coach heads the train to Villars, seen here at Bex station.

BVB Beh4/8 92 at Villars.

One of the new liveries seen atv Aigle, Sept 2012

ASD BDe4/4 1 railcar at Aigle.

AOMC Beh4/8.

AL BDeh4/4 at the AL depot in Aigle.